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You can read all about this effort in our downloadable
Information Packet (PDF)

(note – this was created in November 2021 so some of it is a little out of date. We will update this soon)

Survey Results

In October 2021 a survey was sent to 160 households in South Williamstown and it received 131 responses in 5 days! The results are compelling. The survey results and some of the comments are available here.

Why we need to save the Store at Five Corners

We have been asked this question a number of times so we compiled a document highlighting the top reasons we need to save this community treasure.

About the Store at Five Corners Stewardship Association, Inc. (SAFSCA)

SAFSCA was formed in Fall 2021 to organize the effort to purchase and revive the Store at Five corners.  An excerpt from our articles of organization summarizing our purpose is available as well as a list of our board members.


Click here to read more about the history behind this building and location.