An Overwhelming Survey Response by 134 Members of Our Community

  • Importance to the community (1 to 10): avg. 8.9, 54% at 10.*
  • Importance to you/your family (1 to 10): avg. 8.7, 48% at 10.
  • Believe a general goods/food store should operate at 5 Corners (1 to 10): avg. 9.1, 73% at 10
  • 89% prefer that the store be independent (59% strongly prefer).
    *Results tabulated on first 131 responses

The most common things mentioned in the comments were the convenience of not having to drive into town for milk, bread, and other last-minute items, the pleasure of meeting friends there for lunch or coffee, and the sense of the place as a community hub.

Inconveniences in not having groceries, snacks and meals at the ready in the neighborhood, but true loss measured also in loss of our community gathering place. The Store was the heart of South Williamstown, as well as a destination for area residents and tourists. If this community treasure could come back to life, this would be something to celebrate! Nowadays people value and support local!

Difficulty of accessing food in south williamstown; particularly difficult for those of us who prefer to rely on bicycle transportation

The store is a necessity a) for creating community b) serving those folks who work in the community, i.e. the service and repair people, the folks who work in the gardens, repair houses, route 43 c) service the folks in south williamstown, like me who would use it for shopping and d) important for tourism – ski season, fall season and summer season (even mud season!) ; the lit up X-mas (holiday) tree cheers up the neighborhood in the winter;

It’s heartbreaking to drive past the story every day, knowing well the many fine folks who have worked there over the past 20 years. Such a shame….

we missed Xmas shopping and occasional food purchases, and a place to meet for coffee/lunch.

It is so sad to see this place closed. It has such history and potential as a community anchor. Prepared foods, groceries and gifts from 5 Corners have been important to our family. We miss it terribly .

I miss taking visitors to the Store! Also it was a good resource for simple house gifts, and a great place to enjoy lunch outdoors. Not to mention it was the “hub” of the neighborhood!

This is a historic building, important not only to the south Williamstown community but the whole town. 

South Williamstown sorely needs a gathering place that fosters a sense of community. I miss not having a place to get a cup of coffee in the morning or to pick up appetizers in a pinch.

This is a top priority for our community.

Pick up newspaper. Meet friends for lunch. Get goodies for a Sunday afternoon at Tanglewood. Have a small meeting on the side porch. Get some maple syrup. a wonderful place to connect to neighbors and have a conversation with those just passing through.

I miss the ambience and pleasure of going and bringing friends.

It’s incredibly disappointing to see this cornerstone of the SWMA community hollowed out.

I miss meeting friends and others there for coffee or lunch on the porch.

When we moved to South Williamstown . . . part of the appeal was having a store/cafe nearby so we would not have to drive all the way into town. A loss of convenience for unexpected needs ie a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread etc. I also miss the opportunity to meet friends for a meal out on the porch, or a cup of coffee around the long table.

South Williamstown is missing a community gathering spot. Cricket Creek Farm and Field Farm are both places where people can gather, but not in inclement weather and not in the same way Five Corners has allowed these many years. Given its central and highly visible location, having the store be closed for this long is a real detriment to the feel of our community.

We wholeheartedly support reopening the store and very much want to see an independent owner invested in the community making it happen, so we can also invest in them!

We really came to rely on the Store at Five Corners, for breakfast and lunch, for quick groceries (like milk or wine). Not having the Store open while I’m on my way to work or taking our kid to school has been a real loss.

I think the Store also adds character to the area and is also attractive to tourists. For many it’s the first thing they see when coming into town and my sense is that many people stopped there.

the neighborliness and socialization that it offered

We especially miss the store as a gathering place – to meet friends, share coffee/food, or just a place to get out to read the paper, do some work while having coffee, etc

 I often met my friends there for coffee and ……I truly miss the ambiance of the store and what it had to offer.

Not having a local store to pick up items and the not having the local community gathering spot

Lack of community. We need a gathering place.

Really miss meeting friends for coffee there, taking grandkids for treat, taking out of town guests, grabbing a sandwich.

History is important. Also hikers, bicycle riders visitors, locals love that spot. Keep the playground also!!

The Store helped us so much when we were in a bind for an ingredient or even a full meal. We also work from home, so heading over to the store for a coffee or a change of scenery made us so happy!


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