Store at Five Corners Stewardship Association Letterhead

Above is a photo of ‘The Big Table’, now in a new location in the store. It eagerly awaits your return.

Friends –

Here’s a brief update regarding the Store at Five Corners and the playground on the neighboring Green River Farms property.

The Store – Our board and the Store operator, Corey Wentworth, are busily making strides toward reopening the Store in the coming weeks! Given Covid-related delays, some work on our 200-year-old building has taken longer than expected. But several important tasks have now been completed, and we anticipate opening in a few short weeks.

To expedite the Store’s opening, Corey will start by offering coffee, tea, pastries, breakfast, and lunch. He will initially be open from Tuesday through Friday from 7am-7pm, Saturday 8am-7pm, Sunday 9am-3pm, and closed on Mondays. We can’t wait to see everyone soon – and we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

The Playground – You may have noticed that the playground structure near the Store has recently been closed to public access. Please be aware that the property owned by the Store at Five Corners Stewardship Association does not extend to the playground, which is part of the much larger Green River Farms property, and that we don’t control the signage or usage of this amenity.

Sadly, the owner of the Farms, Dr. Frank Lewis, passed away on June 22nd. We’ve been in touch with the Lewis family regarding the status of the playground and will provide a further update when we learn of any changes to community access.

In the meantime, our Association is actively pursuing the installation of a play structure and outdoor activities on the Store’s property.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, and we hope you stay well!

All the best,

The Store at Five Corners Stewardship Association board of directors

            Karen Charbonneau, president

            MaryEllen Meehan, treasurer

            Matthew Baya, secretary

            Alison Case

            Anne Hogeland

            Carolyn Umlauf